How to Shop at Trader Joe's Like a Kween

If you’re like me, you practically live at Trader Joe’s. Between the prices, convenience (literally a block from my apartment), and ever-changing product line, it’s pretty tough to beat. But with the abundance of temptations—like pumpkin-flavored everything and cauliflower-riced something—it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed. Here are my go-to tricks of the trade when it comes to shopping at Trader Joe’s.

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3 Tips to Heal Your Relationship With Food

Seven years ago, I found myself in the darkest place of my (young) adult life. I was deeply depressed and insecure with who I was, so I controlled every bite of food in order to compensate. 

Now, after a lot of self-work and therapy (!), I consider myself fully recovered and want to share some tips that may be helpful, regardless of where you are in your journey. 

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