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Slightly disappointed

The maca flavor was stronger than I expected. Don't get me wrong, it's ok and I'll still eat it - but doesn't really taste like cookie dough to me, and definitely not one of my favorite flavors.

Cookie Dough Granola Butter

So good

Keep it coming. I love every flavor I have tried so far. I was with an auto immune disorder a couple years ago and keep finding things that I can’t eat that I thought I could. I love peanut butter and Nutella and sadly having a hard time with peanut butter but this granola butter has made up for it. I eat it on everything bananas, apples toast by the spoonful. Plus I just love what this company stands for.

Not enough stars in the SKY

I have had 2 of my 3 jars in less than 2 weeks...consumed purely with a spoon standing in front of the fridge. This stuff can’t be legal. It freaking BOMB.

Cookie Dough and Vanilla

This was my first, but definitely not last time trying granola butter!!! Wow it is the best thing I’ve ever tasted.. I think I finished two jars in less than a week!!

These jars aren't lasting very long

Every time I go in the kitchen I take a spoonful of GB. I thought about hiding them, but why?

Cookie dough- Not what I expected

I thought it was a nice taste but I did not get a cookie dough flavor from it.


This stuff is my saving grace. We are PN/TN free. Little man loves this stuff and so does Momma. We needed the 6 pack we love it so much.

Cookie Dough Granola Butter


I just wish the jar was bigger!

Best decision to sign up for subscription!

I love that I can mix and match flavors and don't need to think about re-ordering. Already counting down the days till my next shipment!

Love love love

My favorite bedtime snack!

It was ok....

Original is still my favorite!

So addictive!!

So far.... my favorite flavor!! I ate my first bottle in a few minutes


Loved this flavor!! I usually just get the Original, but I hope this flavor returns or will be something available year-round! The cacao nibs ensure it is not too sweet and the doughy flavor is spot on!!

Cookie Dough Granola Butter

Granola butter is my all time fav! I share it with all my coworkers! They love it too!

Making breakfast great again!

I've only tried the original so far, but oh that cinnamon-y goodness... move over nut butter, there's a new spread in town. Thanks for creating something so delicious!

cookie dough

love the texture as always! Felt it didn’t really resemble or tast like cookie dough. Still a great flavor though

Royal Bundle - 6 Jars Mix 'n Match

obsessed 🤩

i’ve tried so many different “butters” (peanut, almond, etc) so i didn’t know if i needed another.. but i did. granola butter is so different from everything else out there and is soo delicious. vanilla is my personal fave - i eat it straight out of the jar so the 6 pack is needed. 🤤

In love with GB

I’m now in a committed relationship with granola butter. This stuff is amazing and I literally eat it with a spoon. I love being able to customize my pack. Our pantry is stocked with GB and it makes me happy every time I open it.


First time having it and it was 10x better than I expected it would be


I ate all three jars in 14 days?! myself...

Not my fave

The bar is so high for the granola butter. I wanted to love this one but something about the consistency was off for me. Still love the brand as a whole though so couldn't give less than a 4 star review.