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Our Mission

Ali Bonar Kween Foods Mission

Kween is not just another food company. Kween is a community with a heart and soul. At our core, we believe that you operate at your highest potential when you nourish your body and feel great doing it. You're already perfectly imperfect, and there is a whole community here to help you see it. So let's band together, empower one another, and conquer our kweendom. 

In pursuit of our mission, we will be launching initiatives for kweens to connect and support one another.

Kween Collective is an advertisment-free platform for women to share news, advice, events & network with one another. I constantly find myself in the aisles of Sephora, wondering “Is this brand of toner worth the money?” I’ll do a quick Google search or check out Instagram, but most of the content is sponsored or biased. I realized there’s no safe space out there for women to get pure, honest advice from their peers on a particular topic - be it nutrition, beauty, entrepreneurship, etc. Our goal is to create this platform for women of all backgrounds to come together and support each other.


To complement our online community, we also want to encourage women to connect offline, making genuine personal relationships. For this reason we created Kween Caffeine, a female mentor and mentee program where women from our community can connect and schedule one-on-ones (we call it a #KweenDate!). We cover the coffee, and let the two Kweens take it from there. We ask each mentor/mentee to fill out a brief interest form upon applying, in order for us to optimally match the pair. Once matched, we provide them with a list of introductory questions to refer to on their date, if needed. We ask that the focus of the #KweenDate center around personal development, self-love and/or body acceptance. We are beta testing the program in the Bay Area to start, and eventually expanding as we grow our community.


We believe that there is a lack of transparency on social media that women can rely on as they develop themselves and their careers. Through these two programs, we believe we can change the world, one Kween at a time, by providing them the community and support they need to feel confident and powerful each and every day.



For more information about our programs and start dates please email us at

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