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Royalty, Redefined

For Kweens and Kings alike, Granola Butter is spreadable gold. A unique twist on granola and the first of its kind, Granola Butter is the perfect snack to help you climb that throne and slay your day.

No Bull$*&%


At Kween, we use the highest quality nutrient-rich ingredients - because ain't nobody got time for artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Granola Butter is gluten-free, non GMO, nut-free and contains no refined sugars. We ensure each jar receives the royal treatment it deserves, so you can eat clean & eat Kween.

Power Packed

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Two words... power packed. In one serving, we throw down 4g of protein in our original variety & 7g of protein in our grass-fed collagen variety, 15% DV of fiber from golden flax, some healthy (ph)ats, all while having under 3g of sugar. And did we mention it tastes phenomenal?

Slay Everyday


Your food should be as fierce as you are, so we created a product and community to help you achieve a nourished and empowered lifestyle. We know with the right fuel, you can get out there, #slayyourday, and conquer your Kweendom

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Granola Gang

California natives Ali Bonar, Eric Katz and Ari Schraer don't mess around when it comes to granola butter. Eric is infamous for casually downing a jar for dinner, Ali prefers the granola butter #drip to people, and Ari always has a to-go pack in his back pocket. Aside from our obsession with Granola Butter, we're pretty normal  people, so feel free to click our pictures to get in touch!