What is your shipping policy?

Currently, we are only shipping domestically. If you live outside the U.S., sit tight! We hope to be expanding soon.

How the heck do I eat granola butter?

The possibilities are endless: on toast, in a smoothie, on yogurt, on ice cream, in a sandwich, on a banana, on apples, by the spoonful... 

We want to see how you granola butter. Post your creation on Instagram with #eatlikeakween and we'll send a free jar to a lucky winner each month!

How do I store granola butter?

Granola butter is completely shelf stable, so we recommend storing it at room temperature in a cool, dark place.

What is the shelf life of granola butter?

Consume Granola Butter within 3 months for best taste and texture. 

Is granola butter gluten-free?

Yes. Granola butter is made with certified gluten-free oats. 

Is granola butter nut-free?

Our supplier’s facility processes almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, coconut, macadamia nuts, oats, sesame seeds, and corn ingredients. Regarding production: currently, no other companies that share our kitchen space are using nuts. However, caterers have access to the kitchen space as well, so we cannot guarantee that trace amounts of any nut will not be present. 

Is granola butter vegan?

Or Original Variety is Vegan. Our Collagen Variety use grass-fed bovine collagen.

Is granola butter Kosher? 

It is made with certified Kosher ingredients, but processed in a facility that does not have a Kosher certification. 

Where can I purchase your products?

Directly from our website (scroll up!)

Who should I contact for press inquiries?

Please email press@kweenfoods.com for inquiries. 

I'd like to work together. Who should I contact?

We'd love to collab with you! Please email ali@kweenfoods.com with ideas.

I have feedback about your product. Who should I contact?

We're all ears. Please email admin@kweenfoods.com with feedback or questions.