Q&A with Tiffany Stuart, Founder of @ItsMeLadyG

I started following Tiffany just recently, when one of my girlfriends recommended her to me. I'm so glad I did. She talks about the real stuff: breastfeeding, non-toxic feminine products, and more. You can find her on Instagram @itsmeladyg and her website at itsmeladyg.com. She's an absolute gem and I hope you enjoy her interview!

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Tiffany Stuart and I am the Owner and Editor-In-Chief of the lifestyle, mommy, and wellness blog itsmeladyg.com (Pronounced It's Me, Lady G). I am also a mom of 2 and a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I was born in Brooklyn, NY and lived there up until about a year ago when my family decided to haul it to the suburbs. Now I'm a Target loving, yoga pant wearing gal who loves to stroll the aisles of Whole Foods when I'm not working with clients, brands, or other companies in my 9 to 5.


What was the inspiration behind your account?

I created this account years ago as an extension of my YouTube channel. I wanted it to be another platform for me to share my quirky loves to connect and create a community of women who are unafraid to embrace the unconventional things they love. To be honest, the backstory on my handle is based on my love of Harry Potter. People used to teasingly call me Lady Gryffindor because I loved and talked about it SO much even though I was well into my late 20s. So, I took that name, cut it short and embraced all the things that made me unique.

As time went on, I covered a ton of topics across my platforms, but after a long issue with hormonal imbalances which delayed me getting pregnant the second time around, I knew the wellness space was where my heart lies. Now, in the spirit of what made me launch my accounts in the first place, I love to share and spark conversations about topics in wellness women have traditionally either not spoken of in the past or are not publicly educated on so they can face problems fearlessly. Some of the topics include feminine health and non-toxic feminine product use, breastfeeding, holistic stress practices and more.

What does wellness look like for you?

Wellness looks like peace, balance, and knowledge to me, or at least the slow movement towards the 3. Despite how awesome my family was, I didn't grow up truly understanding what self-care looked or felt like. It was a bit of an esoteric concept. We often did the things and used the products those around us did because that was all we knew. As I became more knowledgeable on the not only the benefits of products, techniques, and practices that are more aligned with better health, my whole world changed.

However, this is where balance and peace comes in. My goal is to make wellness something that's available to everyone in their everyday lives. This may mean not always buying organic if it does not fit the budget, but knowing which items are best to opt out on. It also means making choices such as moving to the suburbs for inner peace on a daily basis even though it may make your commute longer. That longer commute may be a blessing in disguise because it allows you to now read more than you have living closer to the chaotic city.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start living a healthier lifestyle?

The biggest piece of advice I would share is to make changes a little at a time. Very few people are able to sustain a new lifestyle if there are too many changes all at once.

If someone is looking to switch to using more non-toxic personal products, try one or two for a month and see how you and your body does. There are definite differences which might be experienced and worked through before moving onto a new venture. The great thing is holistic living is a slippery slope for the most part. Once you start dabbling in one aspect of it, you will naturally be drawn to finding out about other topics and changes that can be incorporated into your life.

What do you love most about yourself?

Hands down, it's my ambition and resiliency. Once I decide on something being right for me, I plant its seed into my brain and spirit, and get ready for the long haul. In addition, I truly believe that good things take time. I know that whatever is right for me is on it's way so it's just up to me to keep working towards it, even if a teensy bit each day.

Take us through a day in the life of Tiffany.

Wow. Each day is pretty much the same but different as well. Being that I'm a working mom, things are a little hectic and can change at the drop of a hat. My other half and I work our magic together as far as childcare with our two kids, so they are always either with Mom or Dad. During the times where we need help, we enlist some of our family members to jump in.

That said, each day my alarm wakes the house up around 6:45 a.m. Right then, I try to fit in at least 5 minutes to meditate, say a prayer, and think of a few things I'm grateful for. I find I go through the day with a better mood when I'm able to get this done. 

I usually nurse our daughter at that time (she is currently 5 months), and our son (he's 8), gets ushered to the bathroom by Dad. Thankfully, he's old enough to make his own breakfast of usually either waffles, pancakes, or cereal.

After that, I grab a cup of Matcha or coffee to get the day started. I love to add a bit of ashwagandha into either of these to help with my stress levels during the day. If I wake up a bit sore from a hectic day before, I will make some Golden Milk with the ashwagandha instead to help with inflammation. After this, one of us gets our son off to school.

Next, I usually get settled in to start working for the day. I often work from home which adds to my mental clarity and health even though it does have it's own set of potential downsides. However, it works great for my family and I. When I do go into the city for work, I try to have my clothes set out the night before and my hair in a simple style to make the morning less stressful.

Each day I try to make a "work to-do" list so I can stay on task and not get too distracted. It's easy to go overboard with this and end up overwhelmed. I aim to put about 5 solid moderate sized tasks on this list for the day. If I am unable to complete any items, I start of the next day where I left off.

For lunch, I try to eat a quick but filling meal. I know some people don't like to be too full during the middle of the day. However, through tuning into my body, I know I work best when I have a hearty but healthy meal to power through. This may consist of a soup and sandwich, a buddha bowl of meal prepped roasted veggies and quinoa, or leftovers from the night before.

By the time my son gets home, it's snack time for everyone. This may be a smoothie, some veggies and hummus, or veggie muffins I've frozen from earlier in the week. This is the perfect way to transition from work time back to family life. Homework gets done, extracurricular activities get completed, and then it's dinner time.

Due to our lack of time lately, we have been eating out more often than I'd like, but I have come to peace with it because that too can get chalked up to balance. To keep things in the budget, we go with restaurants that serve fresh ingredients but are still affordable. Some of our favorites are Chipotle, CAVA, Blaze Pizza, and even good old Whole Foods.

Before bed, I try to catch up on some emails, and outline content ideas I have floating around in my head. If I'm able, I love to fit in another 5 minute mediation before drifting off to sleep.

What makes you feel like a Kween?

My ability to set boundaries both for myself and others. It took a long time for me to become comfortable doing this in life. I had a hard time saying "No" and being ok with it. Time and age have taught me to trust my gut feeling and stand firm in my beliefs. Learning how to practice this in everyday life has been amazing for my soul and has been a huge key to my self-care.

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