If you have blonde hair, you need this product

The best product for blonde hair

Not sponsored, just obsessed. 

Since going Khaleesi-blonde last year, I learned the hard way that my hair requires a little bit more TLC (hello, breakage). The biggest upkeep, though, was keeping the brassiness at bay. 

get rid of brassy hair

Enter: the product of every blondie's dreams. The purple toning masque by Pravana . The best part? It's only $20. (Because peasants are people too!)

Here's what you do. Shampoo your hair as usual, then while you're still in the shower, reach for your towel and slightly dry your hair (just enough to soak up excess water, but not so much that your hair is completely dry). Squeeze a big ol' glop into your hands and carefully comb through your hair. This stuff is super pigmented, so careful not to stain your shower curtain! 

Leave on for 5 minutes, or more if you want a slightly purple tint to your hair. This stuff is pungent though, so if you leave it on too long you'll be rockin' a seriously purple do. 

Wash out the mask and say sayonara, brassy hair.  

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