How to Make Peace with Trigger Foods

I’m about to blow your mind — you ready? Trigger foods don’t exist. Just let that sink in for a moment.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Leave me in a room by myself with a carton of ice cream, and I’ll prove to you that trigger foods exist!” I felt the exact same way for years and years — unsafe and untrusting of myself around food — until I realized there must be a better way.

Think of trigger foods like the bad boy who doesn’t like you back: he’s incredibly attractive because of how off-limits he is, which only leaves you wanting him more. Suddenly, he tells you that he’s into you, and *poof* -- all your feelings for him are gone. Why does this happen? Because human nature causes us to want things we can’t have. Once the “off-limits bad boy” becomes a commodity, he’s just not that interesting anymore.

Bringing this full-circle back to food: let’s take ice cream, for example. You tell yourself that you can’t be trusted around ice cream. You don’t buy it at the grocery store, because going in for “just a taste” results in finding yourself waist-deep in the carton.

But what if you didn’t put this ice cream on a pedestal? What if it was available to you at any time, even if that meant for breakfast, lunch and dinner? It’s a scary thought, I know -- but the sooner we remove the “off-limits” mentality around food, the less attractive those foods become.

Try incorporating your trigger foods into each meal for the next 5 days. Eat as much as you want. By day 3, you’ll be so sick of it that your bod will be screaming for some greens (trust me).

Do you have other tips that have helped you make peace with food? Leave a comment below!


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