How I keep my hair so freakin' blonde


I'm naturally pretty blonde, but I need some professional help getting to Khaleesi-status. That's where the big guns come in: SF Color Collective

Where are they located? 1808 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Who started it? Jessica & Priscilla, who are pretty much the raddest ladies you'll ever meet. Priscilla does my color and absolutely SLAYS.

 Jessica and Priscilla of SF Color Collective

Jessica and Priscilla of SF Color Collective


Why am I so obsessed? They crank out beautiful hair, but also give back to the world. They regularly collaborate with local, like-minded companies by hosting pop-up shops on a rotating basis that showcase great products on a mission. (Their current pop-up features The Caliber Collection, a company that uses the metal and shell casings from illegal guns swept from inner city crimes scenes in America and turn them into bracelets, bangles and cufflinks). 

They're also eco-friendly AF. They partner with Green Circle Salons, sending salon waste to an environmentally friendly recycling facility. They have also reduced water usage by 65% from using eco-nozzles for their shampoo bowls. Now THAT is something I can get behind!

 SF Color Collective

SF Color Collective


How can I snag an appointment? Give 'em a call: (415) 529-1861 or visit them online at


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