3 Tips to Heal Your Relationship With Food

Seven years ago, I found myself in the darkest place of my (young) adult life. I was deeply depressed and insecure with who I was, so I controlled every bite of food in order to compensate. 

Now, after a lot of self-work and therapy (!), I consider myself fully recovered and want to share some tips that may be helpful, regardless of where you are in your journey. 

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Q&A with Michelle Davenport, RD PhD

Dr. Michelle Davenport is a smart cookie. Not only is she a registered dietician, she also has her PhD in nutrition. (And.. can we talk about her hair?! All the goals). She most recently co-founded Raised Real, a food delivery service for kids that brings flash-frozen, pre-portioned meals directly to families' doorsteps every two weeks. 

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Q&A with Molly Alliman of Balance by Molly

This sounds dramatic, but Molly changed my life. She helped me view food in an entirely new way - removing the "good" and "bad" labels I had placed on certain foods for the majority of my adult life. Instead, she taught me to tune-in to my cravings and how to listen to what my body wanted. She runs Balance by Molly, where she offers corporate wellness programs and personal health coaching. 

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Q&A with Yasmine of Krewella

Yasmine is the coolest girl I've (never) met. And even though she's an electronic music KWEEN, she's also extremely passionate about health and wellness. When she slid into my DM's one day (and I recovered from being starstruck), I realized that even amidst all her fame, she's an approachable, down-to-earth gal. 

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Q&A with Illustrator Kayden Hines

Kayden Hines is a BOSSLADY. After some back & forth banter on Instagram, I planned to meet her for drinks IRL. I wasn't sure what to expect, as one's internet persona never quite paints the full picture. But GIRL - lemme tell you - she's my spirit animal. We may or may not have turned "a quick drink" into a 3-hour encounter. And I was enjoying every second of it. She's a gem, enjoy!

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Q&A with Ellie Cobb, PhD of Grounded and Gold

At the Good Fest last week, I saw a fierce ass chick decked out in rose gold athleisure with a head full of perfectly curled hair. I had no idea who she was, but I had to meet her - STAT. She introduced herself as Ellie Cobb, a holistic psychologist (so rad). We started chatting, and hit it off immediately. Ellie is bubbly, multidimensional and (above all) brilliant

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