3 Tips to Heal Your Relationship With Food

Seven years ago, I found myself in the darkest place of my (young) adult life. I was deeply depressed and insecure with who I was, so I controlled every bite of food in order to compensate. 

Now, after a lot of self-work and therapy (!), I consider myself fully recovered and want to share some tips that may be helpful, regardless of where you are in your journey. 

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Q&A with Michelle Davenport, RD PhD

Dr. Michelle Davenport is a smart cookie. Not only is she a registered dietician, she also has her PhD in nutrition. (And.. can we talk about her hair?! All the goals). She most recently co-founded Raised Real, a food delivery service for kids that brings flash-frozen, pre-portioned meals directly to families' doorsteps every two weeks. 

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Q&A with Molly Alliman of Balance by Molly

This sounds dramatic, but Molly changed my life. She helped me view food in an entirely new way - removing the "good" and "bad" labels I had placed on certain foods for the majority of my adult life. Instead, she taught me to tune-in to my cravings and how to listen to what my body wanted. She runs Balance by Molly, where she offers corporate wellness programs and personal health coaching. 

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