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Our Story



It all started when...

...we realized life is too short to eat basic food, and eating like a Kween isn't just for special occasions. You work hard. You play hard. You deserve to live — and eat — like royalty.  

After Ali started putting her food photos to use (a la @avokween), and Eric became a full-fledged insta-boyfriend (hardest job in the game, he says), they decided it was time to spread the love beyond the 'gram. They brought on chef extraordinaire Ari to put the Michelin-star touch on every jar.

Kween Foods isn't just a company, it's a lifestyle. Diets don't work - you look your best when you feel your best, no matter what size that is. At Kween, we want you to love yourself and live your best life — after all, we only get one, people.

Give back. Call your mom. Hug a stranger (if they look non-threatening). Do what you love. Eat Kween.